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661 Great Horton Road

Property Type: Commercial | Number of Bedrooms: 0

Rent: £99.00 PCM


* FIRST MONTHS RENT £99.00*  ***THEREAFTER £350.00***

So here is a self contained commercial property situated on a Great Horton Road in Bradford. Great Horton Road is a very popular road connecting Bradford City Centre to Queensbury and Halifax. If you are looking to find the perfect local for your business then you cannot look any further than here.

Looking at around a space of 80-120 sqm this area is perfect for a small retail unit of a sole trader.

Within a short distance to Tesco's and other local businesses it really is an opportunity that cannot be looked past.


We will look for a 6 year lease with a 3 year break clause.


This property falls under the A1 classification for commercial property. Please note that any business that falls out of this A1 classification will need to have planning permission - this enquiry is at the potential lease holders to apply and fund directly and will not be funded by the landlord.


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